Fairwood Elementary PTSA 9.7.15

Serving Fairwood Elementary School | Kent School District | 16600 148th Ave SE, Renton WA 98058

Art Program Resources


All files are copyrighted and belong to Smart with Art for use in the Fairwood PTSA Art Appreciation program. You must agree not to share these files or use them outside Fairwood Elementary School. Agree to these conditions to access the files for 2022-23.

Art Docent Timeline

  1. Become a Fairwood PTSA member
  2. Become VIPS approved
  3. Attend art docent training or email art@fairwoodptsa.org
  4. Coordinate via email/ClassDOJO with your teacher to schedule when you will be teaching the monthly lessons in the classroom (October, November, (skip December), January, February, March & April).
  5. Check out supplies online for your art lesson date/time. 
  6. Go to art supply room. The key is kept with the front office manager if door is locked.
  7. Request & keep a class list from your teacher to label student's art work
  8. Teach your monthly lessons
  9. Clean up supplies & coordinate the display of student art on classroom bulletin boards
  10. Maintain an art portfolio for each student with all their work
  11. In May, help setup displays for a school wide Art Walk